Dennis Zielinski

EGONAUT (2007-2019), appears on albums by Troposphere, October Tree, Apollo, Ginger Trees and more.

My first organ was an old Korg CX-3 from the seventies. I fancied having a ”real” organ and I enjoyed tweaking the sound of it a lot with various amps and pedals. But the more I tweaked the more I realized that most pedals on the market are not designed to work with the frequency range of an organ, nor the impedance.


Over the years I’ve had many different clones as well as a Hammond M3 and I’ve never been really satisfied with the overdrive of my sound until I came across Greg Lounsberry and got the opportunity to try the Organ Grinder. For me it was a game changer.I could finally the achieve the dirt, grit and grind of my organ sound that I had been searching for since day one.


A few years later the T&F was released which instantly came to be the perfect side kick to my organ grinder. The two of them make a perfect combo. If you want to be able to control your organ tone, both clean and dirty, without-squeezing or destroying the signal.