"F*ck, this organ sounds great!" I can't rate Lounsberry Pedals highly enough and I'm proud to be an endorser."

Tom Hughes

Tall & Fat

Ever since I stopped gigging with a real Hammond and Leslie so often, I’ve been trying to convince myself that my clonewheel is the same as the real deal.

Of course it’ll never be exactly the same, but both the Tall & Fat and Organ Grinder pedals bring me several very big strides further in the right direction. I can’t describe either pedal without using buzzwords like ‘analogue’ and ‘warm’, but in this case, those words are absolutely correct. Considering that these are beautifully made boutique pedals that sound this good, and with Greg just an email away, they are an incredible bargain too. Now, instead of making endless adjustments on my organ and thinking “does it sound authentic?”, with a couple of Lounsberry pedals, I’m instead thinking “F*ck, this organ sounds great!” I can’t rate them highly enough and I’m proud to be an endorser.

Tom Hughes – Gothic Chicken, Nektar, The Mutter Slater Band, Lucky Bishops

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