Born in southern Sardinia, an Italian island located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Massimiliano “Massi” Saiu became passionate about electric bass at the age of 14. Enraptured by the Frisco metal scene, he began playing with various musical projects (Maymon, Blues Project Band, Metalmeccanica) in the first half of the 90s, taking his music and passion around the island and Italy with mini tours. In 2015 he founded Camera Oscura, a rock metal band that in 2018 ranked fourth in the renowned Sanremo Festival rock section. In 2019 he began a strong collaboration with Marco “Lord” Cossu (Ian Paice, Patrick Abbate, Mike Terrana), with whom they formed the Tunewheels rock organ trio. He has shared the stage with various international artists including: Jen Majura(Evanescence), Patrick Abbate (Culprit, Black Sheep, Kee Marcello),
Mike Terrana (Malmsteen, Rage, Tarja Turner, Steve Lukather). He currently plays with Mike Terrana, one of the best drummers in the heavy metal scene worldwide.