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Nigel – Fish Paper Edition


Hand Built, Fish Paper version of the Nigel. Users say that the Fish Paper pedals sound smoother.

The Nigel Touch Overdrive was the first Lounsberry Pedals design. It started out as a hand wired Fish Paper circuit board built into an Altoids box, but every time Greg tried to demonstrate the sound at the local music store the wallets would come out, and people would try to buy them on the spot. Jaws dropped at the amazing touch responsive dynamics that every guitarist strives for. It soon became obvious that it needed to be housed in a rugged stomp box enclosure. The mint box graphic style stayed on as a reminder of humble beginnings.

Nigel is a multi stage FET preamp with gain staging and Germanium diodes that sounds and plays more like a guitar amp than a guitar pedal, and the controls work the same. It is a very responsive overdrive that can go from warm semi-clean to full on classic rock crunch and saturated lead tones, and works well for keyboards too because of it’s full range response.

The amazing thing about the Nigel, is that it provides the dynamic touch response of a vintage tube amplifier. It’s like a Plexi that fits in your pocket!

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